\ red light
it’s turned on, red light
the vivid, red light
it gets bigger by itself
that red light...
red light
you have twitter?

Erm…no, I don’t.

Hello! I know you from lj! ^_____^ I hope it's okay that i use one of your icons?! >.<

Hi there! Oh, how cool. What’s your username on lj? I’ve never met anybody from lj on here!!! And wow…that icon is ooooollllldddd! XD But of course you can use it. I’m glad that you like it!

hi! sorry for bothering you again, but from which video does this gifset come from? post/96106994781

You’re not bothering me. Don’t worry, dear! ^.^ And the gifs are from SNSD’s PV “Flower Power”. I think you can watch it on “YouTube”.

❝The only thing I’ve loved is nothing at all. The only thing I’ve desired is what I couldn’t even imagine. All I asked of life is that it go on by without my feeling it. All I demanded of love is that it never stop being a distant dream.❞


Im really bad at everything i do but then i remember i picked yixing as my ultimate bias, and give myself a little pat on the back.